Originally settled by farmers and fisherman, Cushing has welcomed writers and artists as well as summer residents of generations of city dwellers, all of whom enjoy the cool summer nights and sheltered bays abounding with clams, mussels and lobsters. Well known for its glorious coastline and fabulous sailing, mid-coast Maine and Cushing have a long history connected to the sea. English explorer Capt George Weymouth landed in Cushing in 1605. The commercial center of Cushing is a one room general store owned by the Fales family, the oldest store in the United States continuously owned and run by the founding family.

Here the degree of isolation is a matter of choice not confinement. Mid-coast Maine offers many lovely nooks and crannies in which to lose yourself. But it is also rich in culture, water and other outdoor sports. Residents, whether year round or summer, are friendly and welcoming. If there is a need to go to Portland, Boston or beyond, airport, car service and good roads are readily available.

The population consists of intelligent, creative and industrious people who are as varied as you will find anywhere. World class galleries, lecture series, music, theater, yacht races, boat building and a wide range of hiking trails are just a smattering of what is available.